The Nightmare Realm

Ireland’s Premier Halloween attraction in the heart of Dublin city has been voted Number One in the world for Halloween attractions by UniLad Adventures, Winner of Best European Independent Haunt 2020 for our 2019 Dublin show ‘The Devils Crossroad and is countlessly nominated for awards year on year, is owned and run by Karl O Connor.

The Nightmare Realm

“The Nightmare Realm gives me a platform to be imaginative and create a world full of entertainment, character and horror. Every character has a backstory, a reason, our actors believe who they are and so do our customers” – Karl O Connor, Owner

The Nightmare Realm has been proudly scaring the nation since 2009, putting a firm stamp on Halloween in Ireland. Halloween after all, originated from Ireland. Successfully running Halloween shows year on year, some having 2 shows both in Cork and Dublin until 2017. The event has grown from 1 small show in Kerry to large scale productions that thrill thousands every year in the Capital.

Our most acclaimed Dublin show ‘The Devils Crossroad’ held in 2019 pre-pandemic gained us the title Best European Independent Event in 2020. Our fans and loyal customers return each year eager to see how we have bested our previous theme. We are our own competition, always aiming to out do our last event. In 2018 we gained the title Number One in the world voted by UniLad Adventures. Our Notoriety for high quality, entertaining shows is being recognised world-wide.

In a very small window of opportunity, 2021 saw us return during the pandemic. With huge risk involved, we were the first major event in the country to open during the pandemic. With our return we caught huge media attention and big brand attention from the UK drinks company Mude, Clayton Hotels as well as returning sponsorship for the Brand from UK company Coloured Contacts and our own set company, Blue Box Displays. The Nightmare Realm not only managed to expand our offerings on site with the new Experiential Activations The Museum of Horrors, we also welcomed visitors from not only across Ireland but all over European and America, including Hollywood stars Christian Convery and Brooklyn Kimberly.