The Voodoo Rooms Nightclub in Cork City, Ireland 2019

The rooftop bar of Voodoo Rooms required a full renovation keeping in with the new theme ‘The Afterlife’. We worked closely with the clients to bring their vision to life. Skulls, Day of The Dead, Jungle plants and Mardi Gras made this space really pop.

What the space looked like before we got to work –

Essentially a blank canvas with heaps of potential. Our designs below won us the contract.

Press coverage welcoming the reopening of the rooftop bar

Cork Beo

”As you might expect, given the name and link with The Nightmare Realm, The Afterlife has a number of frightful features”

Yay Cork

”The top floor has been completely renovated with the help of Cork’s spooky specialists to create a haunted house party setting that Marie Laveau would be proud of”

”The new space was created by the makers of ‘The Nightmare Realm’ and as you’d expect  brings a taste of otherworldly glamour to the city’s nightclub scene in the form of installations teaming with skulls, Voodoo Dolls, Ouiji boards and much more.”