Bloom in the Park 2019 / 2018
Department of Agriculture

The Department of Agriculture contacted us in 2018 with ideas to create a stand for Bloom in the Park, focusing on the Protection of Ireland’s horticulture industry and wider environment from exotic pests and diseases.

A plant Health awareness raising campaign for 2018 and again in 2019 was created with the intention to bring awareness targeting at international travellers, tourists and commercial businesses who are bringing plants, plant products and other high risk items made of plant material into Ireland from abroad.

We were given a list of insects to recreate in larger than life sizes as well as creating a bright visual display to replicate an airport customs clearance desk.

These insects had to be the talking point of the installation. They had to be visually effective and large enough to stand out. Using images from the internet we hand sculpted these insects in clay, molding the body and limbs separately in silicone and finally casting the insects in Fire Proof Polyurethane. Each insect has a metal skeleton and anchor points to connect them to the stand. Each insect was hand painted and varnished to a high quality.

The client was so happy with the insects that we were commissioned again the following year to make more for their 2nd year in a row running their campaign at Bloom in the Park, Dublin.

Below are images from work in progress and installation

Press coverage around the Don’t Risk It! Campaign


”The objective of the campaign is to highlight the social, environmental and economic impact of bringing in infected plant material or quarantine pests and diseases into Ireland”

Horticulture Connected

‘Through the mediums of the internet, social media and attending key events, the Department’s objective of the campaign is to educate the general public”

Merrion Street

”I am delighted to launch this new plant health awareness raising initiative by my Department here at Bloom”


”Minister Doyle launches ‘Don’t Risk it!’ Plant Health Awareness Campaign”